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Daily tariff increase as from 1st April 2022

Posted by poly1969 on March 30, 2022 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (29)


On the 1/4/22 there will be a slight increase in our daily tarriff from 10€ per day to 12€, bookings that have already been made ahead of this date will remain true to the billing given at the time. Any bookings made now beyond the 1/4/22 will adhear to the new tarriff, we hope to see all thoes wagging tails very soon :) 

Nathalie @ J.L.H

Tis the season

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Good Afternoon 

Once again we are happy to report that Just.Like.Home is now complete for the christmas period of 2017

Thank you all who have shown in us the confidence to care for their beloved pooch (s), we are happy to see both returning and new guests at our doors still (we must be doing somthing right :) )

So thank you, from us all 

Natahlie @ J.L.H

Christmas 2015

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Good Morning everyone It has come to that time of year again and already we have to announce that we are fully booked from 19/12/15 to 04/01/2016 Thank you again for all your support and loyalty Nathalie @ J.L.H

Transport update

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As from the end of February we will no longer be providing transport over the weekend, we will however be available for clients to collect or drop off their dogs to us here at J.L.H

Thank you

Nathalie @ J.L.H

Christmas updates

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Just to inform you all that Just.Like.Home is now FULLY BOOKED from the 25/12/14 to the 30/12/14, thank you again to all who have booked for showing your support and confidence in us for one more year

Thank you

Nathalie @ J.L.H


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Good Evening everyone we would like to notify you all that we are fully booked for the Christmas period, from the 14/12/13 to the 06/01/14. thank you everyone  








Christmas Bookings

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I would like to ask any of you thinking of booking your dog with us for Christmas please send us your booking form asap we don't take that many guests and it will be a first come first serve so please follow the link below, for first timers please fill in the Guest Form as well as the Booking Form so we may confirm your dates.

Thank You


@ J.L.H







coming soon

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we.l be established and running for september due to renovation and upgrading of our facilities ..

Christmas 2015

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Christmas is just round the corner and last year we had to turn a number of people and their dogs away, please book early to avoid dissapointment

Nathalie @ J.L.H

Winter warmers

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With the recent drop in temperatures we ask that to take a moment to consider this when your beloved dog (s) stay with us, we have bedding here of course but your dog will appeciate his or her bedding smelling of home, as an extra comfort. They love to snuggle up in their beds when the weather is not so nice, please do not worry if you do not have provisions for this as we here at J.L.H have supplies for just such occasions, but we would ask that if you have it please include that extra blanket in their bags :)

Thank you

Nathalie @ J.L.H